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YogaHaus London

I recently had the honour to be a guest on the podcast: Root + Rise with Lucy which features my journey to where I am presently and how YogaHaus London all began. 

I met Lucy at a hot yoga studio I used to go to in Maidenhead, Berkshire, years ago and since then we’ve kept in touch! Lucy’s podcast aligns with all of the YogaHaus values and ethos: wellness, grounding, and using non-medicinal practices -- such as yoga and meditation -- to look inward. 

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We’ve all had a little cabin fever throughout quarantine!  However, unlike a lot of people I know who have been struggling, I’ve felt the opposite. I’ve felt a deep sense of wholeness and grounding while being home. It’s given me the opportunity to slow down, come back into my space, and give myself the chance to breathe and re-connect. As an avid traveller, living nomadically from one country to the next, this is something which for me has been a gift. 

A topic Lucy and I touched upon on the podcast is how Yin and Yang comes into being, and about the value of feminine energy and equilibrium. Nourishing ourselves, both mind and body, is a vital part of this process. And so, for both Lucy and I, the commitment to meditate and continue our yoga practice has been our sanctuary. Luckily for us all in the UK, we have been able to go into nature for a little time each day. However, most of the day is spent indoors -- unless you have a garden and it isn’t raining-- so my eco friendly yoga mats and accessories have been appreciated during this time more than ever!  

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As YogaHaus is based purely on authenticity, sustainability, and nature, coming back to basics has guided me towards appreciating everything - the good, the bad, and the in-between so much more. 

Below I’ve listed some of my favourite grounding poses. These can be done anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. They bring so much more to your life than you can imagine!

Grounding poses: 

  1. Warrior 2
  2. Pigeon pose
  3. Lizard
  4. Upward dog
  5. Modified bridge pose using block(s) with legs in butterfly

Yoga is traditionally meant to be practiced on a natural surface so feeling, smelling, and almost tasting the fresh and natural aroma from these mats takes me back to walking through rainforests and exploring the unknown. Connecting to disconnect. 

cork yoga accessories

The power of breathwork is irreplaceable. Once you begin to master its full potential, the life you once led will never be the same. Your mindset will shift, your awareness and sense of self-love and worth will shoot up. You’ll be a whole different being. 

A question I often ask clients, friends, and family is, “Are you happy?” instead of, “How are you?”  You might be furrowing your brows asking yourself, “Why, Layla? What’s the difference?”

The difference is huge. So, ask yourself the question, “Are you happy?” To be satisfied and to feel peace within is the most important. If you don’t take care of you - how are you going to take care of others? Again, we come back to Yin and Yang. Adjusting and harmonizing. Reaching for poise and surrendering to the universe to really discover our full potential. Journaling, meditating, and keeping your yoga practice up are all parts of glimpsing into this new space. 

If you’ve not yet had the chance to listen to the podcast and you fancy learning something new -- while having a giggle and connecting with us -- then please do! We had so much fun recording this and would love for you all to tune in. 

I’m always happy to chat and meet new faces! 

With love,