Layla's Luna Gatherings



I decided to bring you all this online offering as I’ve always been deeply connected to the energy surrounding the full moon. I’ve had many of our tribe reach out to me during this time in the month looking for guidance. So, I thought it was time to bring us all together into a a safe and supportive environment where we gather with guidance to talk, share, listen and manifest. My intention is to host a space in which we find a deeper connection within and receive some clarity if every month we’re feeling a little out of sorts during this time.


We all know the moon has a big influence on life on earth as well as our own personal rhythms. But why are we setting intentions on a new moon? How come everything seems so intense whenever La Luna is at her fullest? Living in flow with the lunar phases can be positively life changing.


I offer guidance with my years of knowledge I gained from being on a path of discovery which has led me to a deeper understanding and connection within. I’ve delved deep into the womb and menstrual cycles with the moon phases and I’m so excited to create this space for us to join, communicate by sharing and listen with freedom. 


This will involve listening to the body and reconnecting to the power of our menstruation. Starting at the core of the womb, understanding just like the seasons outside of us, we also go through them internally, which for me has brought a whole new grounding experience.

This for me is rising from your roots!

I’ve come from working in a masculine energy dominated corporate world for 15 years, to finding my yin in yoga to balance the yang I had been living in.
From there I’ve delved deeper into many self development learnings to discover and connect within. This allowed me to find meaning and ways to honour myself, as well as listen to the messages my body kept trying to give me.
I’ve immersed myself in the trainings of a yoga teacher, life/mindset coach, meditation and womb science and combined them with all the experiences I gained whilst travelling such as spending summers in India, mindful retreats, trekking base camp Everest in Nepal, meeting monks in monasteries. This led me to connecting with my true spiritual essence, along the way the pieces were being put together with each experience and here I am today.

My intention is to create a sacred space to support, guide and inspire Womben to connect back to the most healing ancient feminine practices of all: The Wombens Circle. 


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