Yoga, Life and Mindset Coaching

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I spent 15 years in the corporate world where i mentored, coached and project managed in a masculine environment. Together with my fitness lifestyle where it was all diet and weight lifting, I was very much in my yang energy. 

With an injury and multiple life changing events all happening within 1 year, it led me down a path to reconnect with myself, where i found my yin to my yang.

A spiritual path I began many years ago, starting with  solo traveling to my first yoga retreat in Mexico, to hiking base camp Everest in Nepal, together with many more adventures I continue until this day!

Life experiences have only added to my knowledge, As a trained Meditation, Yoga and Life coach, as well as the creator and owner of @yogahauslondon where you will find eco-friendly yoga products, sustainably made from nature.

I have many ventures but the most fulfilling is being able to give back and guide you! I offer online coaching for individuals wanting to implement movement or life changes into their lifestyle.


Yoga is the journey to the self, from the self, through the self. Which has led me to offer a whole host of guidance for you all. These include:


🔸  Yoga Practice 

Myself and the team have a wealth of knowledge offering all types of yoga, suitable for your ability and your body! Whether you are a complete beginner, have injuries or an athlete.

🔸  Meditation

Inspiring teachers that can accommodate everyone, wherever you are on your journey, bringing the calm and stillness you long for in your busy mind with guided meditations.

🔸  Layla's Luna Gatherings 

Monthly Full Moon Circles for the ladies held at the beginning of every month - read more here to join. 


🔗  Life/Mindset Coaching with Layla 🔗

If you wish to discuss having me as your coach to support and guide you through the challenges and transitions to live the best version of yourself inside and out.


I created this programme ‘Coming Back To Yourself’ because Everything ends and starts with self. If we want change in our lives, we have to be the change, and sometimes we need some guidance to help us organize our thoughts and goals so that we can start taking steps in the right direction.

Here's how it works...

An introductory call to discuss what you are working on or looking to work on, whether it’s yourself, in mindset, business, relationships, whatever it is we can do it. I'll ask some questions to get a clear direction of your wants and desires & if we mutually feel like a good fit, I'll share details on how we can work together.

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